The 2023 Ableton Live Gear Guide
[Always Updated]

This guide answers one main question: what’s the best gear to use with Ableton Live when running tracks on stage? After using Ableton for 20+ years, being on the road and seeing what truly has durability, and experimenting with all sorts of hardware and software — this is how I’m sharing all that knowledge with you. Fill out the form and you’ll get access to the full guide.

What’s in the Guide?

From computers to cables (yes, really), this really is a comprehensive guide. I’m keeping it updated as I come across new gear or have new suggestions so you get the most updated version of the guide every time you come back to it. Here are the topics I cover in the guide:

  • Computers
  • Ableton Live (Versions)
  • MIDI Controllers
  • Audio Interfaces
  • In-Ear Systems & In-Ears
  • Odds & Ends (Plugins, Cables, Hard Drives, etc)

“I have known Will for some time now, and I am always blown away with his workflow in Ableton. He is a natural instructor and has a real gift, and passion for helping others express their passion for music. From Studio to Stage is an awesome platform!”
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