This template includes over 70GB worth of timecode files at 48/16 in 15 minute and 1 hour variations at various frame rates.

Looking to control your production elements with Ableton Live? Odds are high, you're going to need to send Timecode from Ableton Live. After searching YouTube and Google, you'll quickly find, Ableton Live doesn't natively send Timecode.

But no fear!

You can use a striped LTC timecode track loaded into Ableton Live to send timecode at whatever flavor you need.

Download these 14 folders of LTC timecode at various frame-rates and you'll be rocking in no time!


-Frame Rates included: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97df, 30, 30df

-All files are rendered at 48k/16 bit.

-15 minute segments of each hour range at above frame-rates.

-1 hour long segments of each hour range at above frame-rates.

In order to use this template, you’ll need to first confirm the hardware/software you’re using can 1) Receive LTC timecode and 2) Uses only of the 7 frame-rates included. Please note, I am un-able to provide support on how to use these files to control your specific hardware/software with LTC. If you’re unsure about how to use this product, please test your setup first using our free timecode/ltc template and learn the basics of controlling your hardware/software before purchasing this template.