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Essential Skills for Playback Engineers

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

Hey there,

No matter how you're serving as a playback engineer...there's a few essential skills you've got to master.

1. Serve: Playback engineering is all about putting the artist first. It’s like life’s secret sauce - the sooner you realize it’s not about you, the smoother the gig goes.

2. No Isn’t an Answer: Engineer your process, and every part of your system towards yes. Because no isn't an answer.

3. File Management: Think of file management as changing your guitar strings - not the sexiest topic, but it can make or break your performance. It's the key to success as a playback engineer.

Want to know the other four essential skills? I share them on today's episode of Behind the Space Bar.

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From Studio to Stage-Backstage Pass

Will Doggett

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