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Finally Achieve the Show of your Dreams!

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

You've got big dreams and vision for your live show.

You can picture the perfect lighting, video, and flawless sound mixing together to create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

  • But your budget doesn't match the scale of your dreams.
  • Hiring additional musicians, techs, and equipment to pull it all off seems out of reach.
  • You're left feeling stuck performing a basic show, wishing you could bring your real vision to life.

What if I told you there was a way to create the perfect performance you've always envisioned on a modest budget?

A way to perform your songs exactly how you want them to sound, with a full band sound, perfectly synced visuals, and an automated production...without needing to hire any additional band members or techs?

It's possible with the power of playback and Ableton Live. And I can show you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

Not Just Information, But Actual Transformation

The Perfect Performance Bootcamp is a 6 month program designed to guide you through building your dream show using the power of playback and Ableton Live.

Here's what you'll learn over the next 6-months:

Month 1: Perfect Performance Process & Systems

  • Intro to the Perfect Performance Process & Perfect Performance Systems Design.
  • Planning your audio system.
  • Creating a "band hub" for locked arrangements.
  • Optimizing in-ears for better monitoring.

Month 2: The Playback Method™

  • Prep: Building a playback system from scratch.
  • Program: Programming songs and sets in Ableton Live.
  • Practice: Learn how to help your band practice well, and how to keep rehearsals flowing well.
  • Perform: Learn to use Playback Confidently on-stage.

Month 3: The Advanced Playback Method™

  • Hands-Free: Learn how to program a "hands-free" Ableton Live set that you can navigate only by pressing play. Stay focused on the music, and not the tech.
  • Redundant: Learn how to create a Playback System that works, no matter what.
  • Remote: Learn how to move your Playback System off-stage and confidently remotely control it-so that you don't let the audience in on "your secret"

Month 4: Ableton Live and The Connected Stage

  • Creating a networked, integrated stage with iConnectivity.
  • Intro to The Connected Stage Process.
  • How to control anything in the world with Ableton Live.
  • How to control instruments on-stage with Ableton Live.
  • How to connect Ableton Live to anything in the world.
  • How to automate your production.

Month 5: Controlling Your Instruments On Stage

  • Setting up Ethercon, rack-mounted satellite control.
  • Creating redundant instrument systems.
  • Changing guitar/bass patches via MIDI.
  • Switching vocal processing presets.
  • Syncing keyboards and drum modules to your song.

Month 6: Automating Your Production

  • Applying The Connected Stage Process.
  • Designing redundant production systems.
  • Connecting playback to your production systems (lights, video, lyrics/teleprompter).
  • Setting up a confidence monitor for lyrics/teleprompter.
  • How to setup/send video for your show.
  • Creating videos for your songs, in any software.
  • Programming perfectly synced lights.
  • Working with an LD.
  • Using timecode to create perfectly synced shows.
  • Syncing lyrics and teleprompter with playback.
  • Syncing video with playback.

Guided, On-Demand Certification Program

Unlike rigid traditional classes, the Bootcamp offers pre-recorded video lessons you can access anytime. Learn on your schedule at your own pace - no coordinating schedules or need to join a live call to learn. Fit the bootcamp into your current schedule.

Structured CurriculumContent is organized into weekly themes building up to overarching monthly topics. Every Monday, you'll get a quick training, that lays out the theme and structure for the week, and the exact content to watch to learn. This structured approach ensures you develop comprehensive abilities on your timeline. Never feel lost in a sea of content.

Weekly Green-Room SessionsHave the option of joining live "Green Room" co-working sessions. Every week they'll be Zoom Rooms you can join to do your work. Other students are invited to join as well and work alongside of you. No teaching, just implementing what you're learning and interacting with fellow students.

Weekly Coaching Calls Live weekly coaching calls provide direct access to expert guidance. Get your questions answered in real-time. Can't attend live? Submit your questions early. Calls are always recorded so you never miss a tip.

Student Support Network Our private online community fosters true peer learning. Share your progress and get feedback. Learn from the diverse experiences of fellow musicians. Create connections that enrich your growth. You'll have the opportunity each week to share your progress and provide feedback to fellow students in the exclusive, private student only community.

Hands-On Assessments Monthly challenges allow you to implement skills into real performances. Assessments provide metrics to validate your progress. No better training than real-world application. You'll get specific feedback, and thoughts from Will on your assessment. You'll always know exactly where you stand and what to work on. No wondering, if you're "getting it".

Get CertifiedIf you successfully complete the 6 monthly assessment and the final assessment you'll earn your certification. Gain credentials that help you land gigs and add credibility. You'll also have the option of being listed on the exclusive Alumni page, and you'll be apart of the crew I recommend when people reach out for coaching or help creating The Perfect Performance.

Join me for The Perfect Performance Bootcamp™ starting May 6th

From Studio to Stage-Backstage Pass

Will Doggett

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