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ONE WEEK ONLY: One on One Coaching//LifeTime Access, Perfect Performance Cohort-002

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Friend,

If you're looking for personalized coaching or help improving your performance, I have three special offers for you that are only available till April 19th.

One on One Coaching

I'm re-opening one on one coaching sessions for a week only. You can purchase and book a session for the next 60 days, but registration is only available for a week!

Students have used these to review their rigs, fix those pesky issues they keep having, or get personalized training via Zoom.

I'm not planning on doing this again this year, so if you have any interest please book now!

Pay Once, Get Access for Life

If you've been considering our All-Access program, but hate subscriptions-this is the offer for you! Or, if you're already subscribed and want the absolute best offer on the site-this is it.

You can pay once, and get access to the full All-Access program. Just like you're subscribed and paying monthly, but you only pay once.

Plus, when you join Lifetime in the next week:

  • Lifetime is 50% off for this week only. $1499 off
  • You'll get a free One on One, 1-hour coaching call with Will for free! (must book in the next 60-days) $499 value

This is hands-down, the best discount/price to get access to everything on the site, and it's only available for a week.

Perfect Performance Bootcamp-002

I'm opening registration for our next Perfect Performance Bootcamp on April 19th.

But, I'm doing a special early registration discount if you register before then. The price is $100 off till April 19th, but once I officially open the doors, the price goes up.

This cohort runs May 6th-October 21.

Our current cohort is having amazing success, here's some thoughts from one of our students, Reese.
This isn't for everyone...but our students that are currently enrolled, are having amazing success and making some major progress.

If you have any questions on if it's right for you-or not, feel free to hit reply, and I'm happy to help!

To the Perfect Performance,


From Studio to Stage-Backstage Pass

Will Doggett

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